Episode 17: Don’t Click Apply

Donovan, Sam, and Oliver are back discussing Oliver’s purchase of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, his thoughts about it since he upgraded from an iPhone 8, and does he have any buyer’s remorse after hearing rumors that the iPhone 13 could potentially be so much better.  Donovan mentions he has both an iPhone and his Pixel 2 simply because there are technical needs he has that only the android can fulfill.

As the show just flows from one topic to another, they discuss (more…)

Episode 53: America is Back, Baby!

Previously released as a Don Talk episode, Donovan has decided to fold DT into DDP (why the hell he started DT back again makes no sense, even he admitted that) and release this podcast where he talks about Biden being called the winner by practically all of the news agencies, and the fact that Trump won’t concede.  Originally recorded on Sunday, November 8, 2020.


Episode 52: Remembering With You

Donovan discusses a card he received in the mail from the funeral home that handled his mom’s arrangements last year; it was a “Remembering With You” card — and he’s not necessarily happy about it.  He and Lea had a good time Halloween night grilling sausages and listening to spooky music and a podcast, but he was pissed that more channels weren’t running Halloween themed movies; they were playing Christmas movies!  Rounding out the episode, Donovan explains what his 2021 health insurance will look like, and it’s not pretty. (more…)

Episode 51: So They’re Not Unbanned?

Donovan discusses the CEOs of various social media giants being in a virtual meeting on the Hill – Facebook, Twitter, and Google, and how Ted Cruz went after Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey.  He provides his own thoughts on what’s happening with the social media networks, how much power they actually have, and if there’s anything that needs to be done, or can be done.  He’s especially worried about Section 230 being scrapped. (more…)

Episode 50: Wasted Paper

Donovan drops some technical tidbits about changes to the backend of the podcast, but the main focus of this episode is how companies have so much wasted paper because they keep sending mail to dead people!  It’s something he keeps having to deal with as the 1 year anniversary of his mom’s death is just around the corner, and even on the day of the recording new mail came in for his dad, who’s been dead since 2013!!  How can this be dealt with?!

He very briefly talks politics in regards to the supreme court, and the election, which is only days away on the date of this recording.


Episode 16: The Bird is the Word


Sam and Donovan are back after being off for 4 weeks.  Sam discusses his COVID-19 diagnosis; he’s out of the woods and back at work.  Donovan talks about his camera he placed at his inherited home 35 miles away and how a bird has decided it’s a great new perch.


Episode 49: Shadow Prime

Donovan talks about his mother’s one year death anniversary (deathiversary?) is coming up in about 2 1/2 weeks; Halloween is on a Saturday this year along with October’s 2nd full moon; a friend and his family have tested positive for COVID-19 so he asks (without naming them of course) that everyone keep them in their thoughts and wish them well; (more…)

Episode 48: Death Planning

Have you made your final arrangements?  If not, has the pandemic made you start thinking about it?  With over 200,000 deaths in the United States due to COVID-19, there’s been a sudden surge in services that help with death planning.  That’s what Donovan talks about in this episode. (more…)