Episode 45: September Trivia

It’s September 1, 2020, and Donovan loves trivia, so he decided to give a little of that back in this episode, specifically concerning September trivia from Project Britain.  From Donovan not being able to say Gregorian Calendar correctly to the shouts of “Mare, Mare”, you might just learn some interesting tidbits about the month that comes from the Roman word “septem”.

Further into the show, Donovan talks about Trump’s EO on payroll tax deferral and why you shouldn’t do it.

Finally, celebrating special events, birthdays, holidays, etc. during a pandemic:  how are you planning to do it for the remainder of the year and possibly next year?  Donovan has some concerns especially since his youngest son and his wife’s birthdays are coming up.


Project Britain

Workers will see smaller paychecks next year under Trump’s payroll tax deferral

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