Episode 10: Friday Night Lights

Yay, the show made it to episode 10!!!!  This show is all over the place.  To be fair, the crew normally record on Saturday mornings, but this time around they recorded the show on a Friday evening, so…well…yeah.  I mean, there was some “tech” talk…iOS 13.6 came out and Donovan upgraded his iPhone SE 2, but he’s still waiting for his BMW to arrive so he can use his electronic key on his iPhone.  Microsoft had some serious DNS issues.  Twitch stopped the US Army from doing some shady stuff.  Donovan talked about his experience with trying to get a phone setup with Ting.  The big Twitter hack was discussed.  Plus, there was a lot of non-tech or lightly tech connected discussions.  Oh, and Oliver has a new microphone!  I know, shocking!!! (more…)

Episode 40: Maskhole

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp issued orders forbidding cities and counties from mandating masks in public spaces.  He’d rather attempt to “encourage” people to do it by dangling college sports in front of them.  Donovan talks about how he just can’t figure out the driving force behind people that just absolutely refuse to wear a mask.  At least major stores such as Walmart, Target, CVS, Krogers, and others are stepping up and mandating in their own stores.


Episode 9: The Rode to Casting

With a full crew in this episode, Donovan talks about his experiences with his new Rodecaster Pro mixer as well as using his iPhone SE 2 (2020) for the last couple of weeks.  Both devices made him immediately regret the purchase but he eventually came around (mostly).  Oliver discusses what his medical facility he works out is going to do in checking peoples’ temps, etc., is the end of Black Friday near (and are we experiencing the new normal when it comes to shopping), Amazon Prime Video finally has user profiles, iOS 14 is in public beta, if you have a GoPro Hero 8 you can use it as a webcam (only on macOS right now, though), and Sam brings up a weird file where an engineer decided to make her own special type of cell phone (listen to find out what it was). (more…)

Episode 8: Read It Before You Tweet It!

Sam and Donovan (sans Oliver and Shae) take on the week’s tech news stories.  But first, Sam gives an update on the state of his move-in, and Donovan discusses his new iPhone SE (2020) plus a funny story involving a Crock-Pot.

On the tech news front, they hit on Starlink looking for beta testers, Microsoft shutting down Mixer, Twitter introducing a new feature (for Android only right now) that tries to make sure you’ve read that article before you re-tweet it, Goldman Sachs creates their own font that’s free to use, unless you use it to criticize Goldman Sachs, J.D. Power weighs in on Tesla for the first time, a funny TikTok video dealing with hot tea spawns other funny retorts, no Boot Camp for Apple’s forthcoming ARM-based computers, and yet another attempt by law makers to destroy encryption in the United States. (more…)

Episode 7: Spies Like Us

Sam and Donovan man the show discussing Sam finally moving into his new home (it took long enough!), and a question from the So… deck.

In tech news, Microsoft ups their game with Microsoft Teams, an academic exercise in eavesdropping using sound vibrations on light bulbs (it’s not really as cool as it sounds), a short-cut for Siri to start recording video and audio if you get pulled over, a massive spying ring forces Google to pull some add-ons from the Chrome Web Store, and T-Mobile explains what happened earlier in the week with their outage. (more…)