Episode 17: Don’t Click Apply

Donovan, Sam, and Oliver are back discussing Oliver’s purchase of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, his thoughts about it since he upgraded from an iPhone 8, and does he have any buyer’s remorse after hearing rumors that the iPhone 13 could potentially be so much better.  Donovan mentions he has both an iPhone and his Pixel 2 simply because there are technical needs he has that only the android can fulfill.

As the show just flows from one topic to another, they discuss Apple’s announcement of their computers with their new M1 chips, battery life of the units, potential software issues, should you go with a first generation device or should you wait until at least the 2nd if not 3rd generation?  All three of the guys love the idea of SpaceX Starlink to serve in those broadband starved areas, but Sam and Donovan are concerned about the initial cost which can be as high as $700.

They sidetrack a bit to discuss comedies, which Donovan isn’t a real big fan of, with the possible exception of Scrubs, and he explains why.  Otherwise he seems to enjoy animated comedies as well as stand up comedians.

As they moved on to to discuss Google’s announcement that they would stop unlimited photo storage in 2021, Sam and Oliver both were shocked to discover how cheap Google One was (Donovan explained he pays $3 per month for 200GB of storage).  Sam found that Google offers 2TB of storage for $10, which made Oliver want to switch from Dropbox until he discovered they had increased his storage to 2TB and the pricing was about the same.

Ring doorbells catching on fire, and the report that teens that limit screen time and do other extracurricular activities both elicit a “duh!” moment from the gang.  On that note, Donovan wonders if he should go back to Facebook, even though he recognizes his own mental health is so much better since he’s taken a break from it (he deactivated his account about a month ago).

And that’s the show!  Thanks for listening!



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Donovan Adkisson

Oliver Banta

Samuel Lewis