Episode 10: Friday Night Lights

Yay, the show made it to episode 10!!!!  This show is all over the place.  To be fair, the crew normally record on Saturday mornings, but this time around they recorded the show on a Friday evening, so…well…yeah.  I mean, there was some “tech” talk…iOS 13.6 came out and Donovan upgraded his iPhone SE 2, but he’s still waiting for his BMW to arrive so he can use his electronic key on his iPhone.  Microsoft had some serious DNS issues.  Twitch stopped the US Army from doing some shady stuff.  Donovan talked about his experience with trying to get a phone setup with Ting.  The big Twitter hack was discussed.  Plus, there was a lot of non-tech or lightly tech connected discussions.  Oh, and Oliver has a new microphone!  I know, shocking!!!

Eh, just listen, it’s fun.  It’s just some dudes hanging out talking about tech, life, and other crap.  They are you and you are them.  Admit it.  🙂


iOS 13.6 out for iPhone bringing support for digital car keys

Google Chrome just fixed the worst thing about web browsing — how to get it now

Windows Updates Just Got Serious: You Have 24 Hours To Comply, Homeland Security Tells Federal Agencies

Twitch tells US Army to stop sharing fake prize giveaways that sent users to recruitment page

U.S. Army Esports Team May Have Violated the First Amendment on Twitch

Everything we know about this week’s big Twitter hack so far

Oliver’s new microphone

Radio Rental


Donovan Adkisson


Samuel Lewis

Shae Jones