Episode 12: Dance Like TikTok Ain’t Watchin’

After a two week hiatus, Sam and Donovan are back missing Oliver and Shae for this episode of SouthGeek News.  The guys catch up with one another on what’s been going on in their lives over the last two weeks.  Sam won something, Donovan finally got some financial issues resolved (and got stung several times by wasps – fun!)

In tech news, Mulan is coming to Disney Plus for an additional $30.  Sam thinks this works for larger families, but not so much for a single dude like himself.  Donovan agrees stating he and his wife think they’d just wait until it became part of the regular Display Plus lineup.

Dr. Disrespect, a popular Twitch streamer, is back on his streaming game after being banned and kicked from the Twitch platform (still with no public reason why).  He’s going to be streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and his own website.

The format you’re most likely listening to this in is officially 25 years old!  Happy birthday to MP3!

7 social media apps that you may have not heard of or you have forgotten about…what are they?  Listen and find out!

Popular local network streaming software/service Plex has introduced “live” television.  Donovan notes it seems very similar to Pluto.

Mixer’s final day was basically an ad for Twitch.  Was anyone surprised?

Would you pay for a social media subscription?  Sam explains the reports of Twitter looking at subscriptions isn’t what it sounds like.

Finally, Sam provides a breakdown of the Executive Order concerning TikTok, and WeChat as well as a comparison between Instagram’s Reels and TikTok.  Donovan previously had stated to Sam that he thought Reels would eventually kill TikTok, which prompted Sam to do his due diligence and he’s pretty convinced, at least in its current form, TikTok has nothing to worry about from Reels.


22:36 Mins – Get to the actual tech news


Mulan’s move to Disney Plus proves how quickly the pandemic forever changed entertainment

Dr Disrespect officially returns to streaming


7 social media apps you totally forgot about — and what happened to them

Do-It-All Streaming Service Plex Is Launching a New TV Feature—And Yes, It’s Free

On Mixer’s last day, all eyes were on Twitch

Twitter says it’s looking at subscription options as ad revenue drops sharply

Trump signs Executive orders banning US business with TikTok owner ByteDance and Tencent’s WeChat


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Samuel Lewis

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