Episode 13: An Epic Showdown

Sam, Oliver, and Donovan are back to discuss Toshiba saying goodbye to the laptop market (and basically the entire computer market), a mom managed to get back almost $20k in Twitch donations her son spent, Windows 10 loses the ability to search online for device drivers (but not really), Microsoft is forcing Windows Defender to stay on (but is it just for Windows 10 Home or all versions?), the Uber and Lyft saga continues in California, and AMC starts back up with 15-cent tickets.

The Big Story:  The showdown between Apple, Epic, and Google.  The guys weigh in with their thoughts on who is right, who is wrong, and if this is just rich companies doing what rich companies do.

Rounding out the show, Sam has a weird file, one that literally makes Donovan squirm (the guys were on video and Sam took delight in watching Donovan’s reaction).



Goodbye Toshiba Laptops. It’s Been Good Knowing Ya

A Mother Recovers the $20K Her Son Secretly Spent on Twitch Donations in 17 Days

Windows 10 Device Manager loses the ability to search online for driver updates

Uber and Lyft on track to leave California after failing to delay driver status order

AMC is reopening its theaters next week with 15-cent tickets

Microsoft no longer allows users to permanently disable Windows Defender

Epic Games vs. Apple: Timeline of Events Surrounding Fortnite’s Removal From App Store

iPhones with ‘Fortnite’ installed are being sold for as much as $10,000 after Apple pulled the game from the App Store


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Samuel Lewis

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