Episode 14: Technosexual

Donovan and Samuel are back again, this time discussing 5G spectrum, transcription in Microsoft Word on the web, Netflix calls it quits on ‘Altered Carbon’ after two seasons, Amazon wins FAA approval for their delivery drones, Walmart’s shot across the bow of Amazon with their Walmart+ $98/year service, new rules in Apple’s App store affecting streaming game services (i.e. Microsoft, Google), and the big story:  The alarming rise of the technosexuals.


FCC makes more 5G spectrum available ahead of iPhone 12 launch

Microsoft Word just got a killer feature that puts Google Docs to shame

‘Altered Carbon’ Canceled By Netflix After 2 Seasons

Amazon wins FAA approval for Prime Air drone delivery fleet

Walmart unveils ‘ultimate life hack,’ a $98 membership with access to gas, groceries and free delivery

Apple issues new rules for App Store that will impact streaming game services from Google and Microsoft

The alarming rise of the technosexuals


Donovan Adkisson


Samuel Lewis

Shae Jones