Episode 8: Read It Before You Tweet It!

Sam and Donovan (sans Oliver and Shae) take on the week’s tech news stories.  But first, Sam gives an update on the state of his move-in, and Donovan discusses his new iPhone SE (2020) plus a funny story involving a Crock-Pot.

On the tech news front, they hit on Starlink looking for beta testers, Microsoft shutting down Mixer, Twitter introducing a new feature (for Android only right now) that tries to make sure you’ve read that article before you re-tweet it, Goldman Sachs creates their own font that’s free to use, unless you use it to criticize Goldman Sachs, J.D. Power weighs in on Tesla for the first time, a funny TikTok video dealing with hot tea spawns other funny retorts, no Boot Camp for Apple’s forthcoming ARM-based computers, and yet another attempt by law makers to destroy encryption in the United States.

18:24 Mins – Get to the actual tech news


Elon Musk invites users to test Starlink space internet

Microsoft to shut down its Mixer live streaming service, partner with Facebook Gaming

Twitter wants to know if you read that article you are about to retweet

Goldman Sachs releases new font you’re not allowed to criticize Goldman Sachs with

Tesla included in J.D. Power survey for the first time, and it’s bad

Apple’s new ARM-based Macs won’t support Windows through Boot Camp

Military called in after TikTok ‘tea war’ goes global

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