Episode 9: The Rode to Casting

With a full crew in this episode, Donovan talks about his experiences with his new Rodecaster Pro mixer as well as using his iPhone SE 2 (2020) for the last couple of weeks.  Both devices made him immediately regret the purchase but he eventually came around (mostly).  Oliver discusses what his medical facility he works out is going to do in checking peoples’ temps, etc., is the end of Black Friday near (and are we experiencing the new normal when it comes to shopping), Amazon Prime Video finally has user profiles, iOS 14 is in public beta, if you have a GoPro Hero 8 you can use it as a webcam (only on macOS right now, though), and Sam brings up a weird file where an engineer decided to make her own special type of cell phone (listen to find out what it was).

There was a discussion on masks, etc. but don’t worry — the show didn’t get *too* political on the subject.



Amazon Prime Video will finally offer one of Netflix’s most basic features

Black Friday as we know it is finally dead

GoPro now lets you transform the Hero 8 into a webcam

iPhone users can now get a first look at the biggest changes coming to their phones this fall

The Weird File

BlackBerry 8830 World Edition



Donovan Adkisson


Samuel Lewis

Shae Jones