Episode 52: Remembering With You

Donovan discusses a card he received in the mail from the funeral home that handled his mom’s arrangements last year; it was a “Remembering With You” card — and he’s not necessarily happy about it.  He and Lea had a good time Halloween night grilling sausages and listening to spooky music and a podcast, but he was pissed that more channels weren’t running Halloween themed movies; they were playing Christmas movies!  Rounding out the episode, Donovan explains what his 2021 health insurance will look like, and it’s not pretty. (more…)

Episode 50: Wasted Paper

Donovan drops some technical tidbits about changes to the backend of the podcast, but the main focus of this episode is how companies have so much wasted paper because they keep sending mail to dead people!  It’s something he keeps having to deal with as the 1 year anniversary of his mom’s death is just around the corner, and even on the day of the recording new mail came in for his dad, who’s been dead since 2013!!  How can this be dealt with?!

He very briefly talks politics in regards to the supreme court, and the election, which is only days away on the date of this recording.